Monday, 17 June 2013

Jeans: A perfect choice for curvaceous fashionista

Plus size women jeans

Hey friends, this article is exclusively on Jeans for plus size women. That doesn’t mean that it is only useful for my chubby women readers. But, it is equally important for my men readers also to know more about plus size clothing for women. 

Jeans- wears for the best figure”, “Jeans- a perfect choice for perfect people” these themes are out dated now a day. Because, it becomes a style statement  for all the plus size celebrities across the world. Have a look at the outfit of Oprah Winfrey in the picture. This jeans has washed front legs, matching stiches detail with skin-tight style. To get more varieties visit this online store.

There are few tips on choosing a large size jeans for yourselves.

Mid cut dark blue jeans

1. Mid cuts Jeans: 
While selecting plus size jeans, try to avoid Low-cut jeans. As, higher waisted fits are more suitable around your mid-section. Mid-cut jeans can also looks best-fit over low-cut style.

Stretched chinos jeans


    2. Go for Lycra/Stretch jeans: 
    Stretchable jeans is the best way to show-off your voluptuous curves. For a body with loose waistbands, sagging rears jeans with Lycra material will be helpful.


Embroidary pocket jeans

    3. Designers’ Jeans: 
    Try some designers’ jeans on your pudgy body. Generally, it is difficult to find it in retail apparel stores. But, you can get most stylish & exceptionally well designers jeans  on online Stores

4. Accurate length & shape: 
    While, selecting a plus size jeans, you should take care of its length & shape. Inappropriate length can hamper your look & incorrect shape of the jeans on your body may turn into blunder. So, find perfect fit jeans for your body.

Blue jeans with pockets

    5. Opt for Jeans with Pockets: 
    “no pockets” jeans often looks quite off target. Jeans with 3-4 pockets seems descent & stitching pattern on it will add more elegance to your style.

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